Oh, the STRESS!

As a new high school freshman, I can tell you that the stress is almost unbearable. There is so much to keep up with; school, sports, chores, social life, jobs, and church. Sometimes, when stress or anxiety overtakes you, your emotions become way outta whack. I hate that feeling of guilt you get when you start screaming at your parents or your best friend. So here are some ways to keep yourself stress-free and in check:

  1. Have a Planner: Time-management is so important, you’ll use it for the rest of your life so you might as well start today. And sometimes planning out your day/week can help you get mentally prepared.
  2. Shut Your Phone OFF!- Half the time, you do have time to get stuff done, but you procrastinate. Watching TV on your phones or scrolling through Insta will really drain your time. Download the APP called Forest; it will really save you from staying up until 3am to complete assignments.
  3. Ask for help: Sometimes you become stressed when you don’t understand something. Ask for help, and if actual human beings are too busy; use Youtube. It can be lots of help, especially for science, math, and language. And of course, there’s always good ol’ GOOGLE.
  4. Get Good Sleep: After we finish homework, we usually wanna enjoy our phones. BAD IDEA! Your best sleep hours are 10pm-2am. So preferably, a bedtime of 10pm is wise. And if you have homework due the next morning, wake up really early to finish. You will feel more refreshed because you slept during your deepest sleeping hours; and your brain functions fully in the mornings… not so much at night.
  5. Exercise! Running is honestly the best. I love running so much. Who says you can’t run from your problems??? I do it all the time. Taking a break from your problems and going outside or to the gym, can put all your problems into perspective; and when you return, you’ll be ready to tackle the chores/homework. Well…. take a shower first.
  6. Take a power nap: I know some people hate naps, but they are scientifically proven to reduce stress, and produce productivity.  Don’t take longer than a 45-minute nap though, or you’ll become lethargic and groggy.  15-30 min. is best.
  7. Don’t waste a single moment: Sometimes car/bus rides, or other lengths of time, you are doing nothing. Like during car rides, study for tests. I get car sick, but flash cards or my mom quizzing me works great. Or if you don’t sit by anyone at lunch, do your homework! Or study for a test that will be in a later period. Find a song that goes with something you need to learn…. like Spanish or the water cycle. Then play it while you’re doing chores.
  8. Quizlet! If you don’t use quizlet to study… how?!?! It’s the best app ever, and you can take it anywhere (phone, iPad, computer, etc.)
  9. Start on the hard Subjects early- your brain will thank you. And when it gets late, the easy short assignments can be tackled with little brain power

Well, I hope that helped! Let me know what you do to reduce stress! Please leave a comment, follow us, and share! Love Y’all!

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