The Stress Of SCHOOL!

Honestly, school is stressing me out. The thought of high school, my friend groups, tests, quizzes, the SAT and the ACT, sports, and making sure everything goes right. The pressure people put on you to do your best or maybe it’s when you work hard but people don’t actually care at all. Or when people ask you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” it stresses you a little.  Here is my advice for you and I should probably take this advice myself! 

  • Manage your time! Which I know is terribly hard. You have a surprise assignment, your mom gives you tons of chores, or you can’t stop procrastinating. All of those things happen to me.  I have a planner and it’s really fun to use. TRY IT! 🙂
  • Get the Forest App!  It is a challenge app that encourages you not to touch your phone, for like 10 minutes and it really helps when all you want to do is watch videos. It also plays sounds of nature which is really calming.
  • Take Breaks!  It’s important to take breaks. Let your mind rest, rejuvenate, and do something you love! MY fav. things to do is to play basketball! My other suggestions are: Eat something, listen to music, take your dog for a walk or just yourself, read a book, or take a bath. Don’t go on social media. AND NO HOUR LONG BREAKS!!  
  • Encourage other people!  You aren’t in this alone. Send an encouraging message to a friend. Or tell them you are ready to rip apart your assignment sheet and they will probably relate! Or text your grandma, mom, dad, or any other member of your family and tell them how much you appreciate them.
  • Start group chats! You can study together and remind each other of school happenings. And relate when an assignment is just so hard. 

I hope y’all liked this post! See you soon! Please subscribe and tell your friends! And follow us on social media!

~Lioness Pack

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