School is starting!

For most of you, school isn’t really your favorite thing…. I don’t favor it much either. But I’ve discovered ways to make this year more successful. 

  1. Get to bed early It is a proven fact that going to bed early can help you more than cramming for a test. And if you need to study you can wake up and study while you are getting ready for school.
  2. Have a clean workspace. Clutter and junk can really mess up your focus pattern when you are studying.
  3.  Drink water. Dehydration can make it hard to stay awake… and trust me, I know how hard it is to stay awake in Math class.
  4. Stop using will give you more relevant information quicker!
  5. When you study for a test, chew gum. And then when you are taking that test, chew on the same flavor… Your Memory Will IMPROVE!
  6. If you hate reading loooong textbooks, place snacks on the paragraphs. Then when you read to the treat you EAT it!
  7. Take more breaks, but make them shorter. Longer breaks disrupt focus patterns.
  8. After you eat lunch… Drink something caffeinated or do something that requires high energy, because after lunch (or eating in general), your body thinks it’s sleepy time, which is why you are so tired in afternoon classes. Well, that and your urge to get out of that terrible classroom.
  9. Buy a planner. They are the most helpful things ever. It helps put a perspective on what needs to be done in your day. So you don’t cram too much stuff in one day.
  10. Use online websites and apps to help you with school. Khan Academy is great for math and science. Quizlet and brainscape are amazing for vocab or spelling word memorization. My study life is a planner on your phone. Forest is a focus app… It works for more than just school. Power-napping app is an app designed to give you naptime which is proven to help during hectic schedules. iformulas is a perfect place to store all those math formulas. Unstuck is an app that is supposed to help you feel unstuck… it has helped leaders of Apple, Starbucks, Nike, and Disney. It can help you too!

I know we may not all be big fans of school but its part of life and we have to get through it. Please vote what you want lioness pack’s first YouTube video to be! Like and subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media! We ♥♥  YOU!

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