Make Money Fast!

Hey, Girls!

I know how it feels to need money for all kinds of things, like camp, shopping, movies, and surprises.  I have ideas on how you can make money fast. Enjoy!

  1.  Babysit: make sure you advertise your services… if you are too young for babysitting, try mother’s helping, pet sitting, or plant sitting!
  2. Sell Food: Have a lemonade stand or some kind of cold dessert. Or a bake sale with delicious pastries.
  3.  Make a website that makes money for you.
  4. Sell your services: Lawn or gardening jobs, cleaning cars and houses, and even power washing ( if you know how to.)
  5. Host an event: Charge money for people being allowed to swim in your pool ( if you have one)… or have a cookout or a BBQ party. 
  6. Offer classes: Are you good at something? Do you know how to play an instrument or play a sport really well? Can you teach people how to use their phone or computer to the fullest extent? Be a tutor… school subjects, sports lessons, techy or music, whatever fits your personality. You can even be a sports referee. 
  7. Are you an artist? Be a t-shirt designer, sell your epic photos, or sew doll clothes.
  8. If you like being the star of the show… try being a YouTuber, band leader, audition for a play, be a clown, pirate, or princess at a child’s party, your school mascot, even a podcaster!
  9. The Real Jobs: Food service or retail may be the place to start for you. P.S. If you want a lot of tips if you work in a restaurant be super nice.
  10. Be a reseller: I personally love this job because it takes minimal amounts of work but it isn’t the fastest way to make money. Resell clothes, toys, books and even gift cards!
  11. Work for your Fam: Work for your parents because they always have a list of jobs to get done that they either hate or have no time to complete.  
  12. Sell things on Etsy: Make bracelets, sew things, or whatever you’re good at and make a store… My aunt has her own, it’s called Classy Girls Design.

Having trouble advertising or getting jobs? Follow these tips…

  • Make business cards, flyers, or brochures. Something colorful that will catch people’s attention.
  • Tell your friends and blast it on social media. 
  • Look online for jobs in stores and restaurants.
  • Contact me and I’ll help you with it too!

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