Yellowstone Trip: Day 1 and 2

Hey guys! Updating you all on our family vacation to Yellowstone.  Come back for periodic

So yesterday we were in the car for a little over 8 hours. We stopped at Wendy’s at around one ‘o clock PM. The lady at the counter got our order wrong about fifty times. The Dunkin Donuts were delicious though, and the Dunkin’ Donuts people were quite pleasant. I got my favorite glazed chocolate. After eating, I went to sleep I believe.

We finally made it to the campsite. It wasn’t very big, and it had a small playground. My  brother and I rode our bikes all around the site. It took all of maybe five minutes. My mom started to heated up the chili we were going to have for dinner. We forgot the shredded cheese, but it still tasted good.  Afterwards, we rode our bikes some more.  For dessert we ate cookie cake and shot off our rocket coptors. We went to Dairy Queens to end the day. I got a cherry slushie. Then we came back. After sitting in my brother’s bunk bed for a while, we shot off more coptors; this time with the LED’s on. We did a mini copter show and then went to bed.

The next day, we had bagels and cereal for breakfast before taking off. But soon after leaving, I guesss, the back lights weren’t working, and we spent two hours including lunch, in a parking of Camping World.  They didn’t mind.  After we left, we saw the St. Louis Arch, or was it before…. made it to the campsite. It took like an hour to level the trailer, to the entertainment of some nearby campers. We ate dinner and now I’m sitting in my brother’s bunk writing this.

There’ll be more tomorrow or the day after hopefully!


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