Siblings…. UGH!

Hey guys! My week so far has been kind of bad. But my 8-year-old brother isn’t making it any easier. So here are some ideas to help deal with younger siblings.

  1. Ignore Them. I’m pretty sure your parents tell you this all the time, but it works, I promise. Chances are, they just want your attention and ignoring them will just show them that that is NOT the way to get it. If they’re just doing it to be mean, ignoring them will just make it boring. It’ll get so boring for them, that they’ll stop. If they don’t stop, then just tell a parent or guardian about the situation.
  2. Make Them See. Now, this may seem TOTALLY underhanded, but it works like a charm. Tell them something like “Hey, I was going to let you borrow my CD, but I don’t think so now.” Even if you weren’t planning on letting them use your CD or giving them something (I would’t suggest money), it’s a small price to pay for some peace and quiet.
  3. Guilt. This calls for some serious acting. This particular way is pretty faulty, so I wouldn’t suggest using it. It only works if they are the kind of kid who hates to see someone crying (NOT my brother). Start to get teary eyed. And say something dramatic like, “I thought you were my friend!”or “That really hurt my feelings! I hope you’re happy!” They’ll feel guilty and apologize. Remember, they’ve got to be the kind of kid who hates to see other kids crying.


That’s all guys! I’ll see you next time!

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