Best Babysitter on the Block

I went babysitting today… For 3 children!! It was sometimes hard to keep them quiet and not arguing with each other. I also have problems with not knowing whether the parents were proud of what I do or they just pay me because they have no one else. I decided to interview the parents and see what they said:

One said that they don’t really care what their kids do as long as they are not fighting and they are happy. But it really impressed them when I was interacting with the children and had a product to present.

Another one said they don’t like babysitters who just set the children up with something and walk away to play on their phone. They liked that I have proof of what I say I did, like crafts that I helped them make. 

General Opinions that have come from parents:

TV is ok once in a while, I understand the sitter will use it to distract my child when I leave so they don’t cry. It helps that when I leave my child isn’t crying, it makes me feel better about leaving.

Don’t be afraid to ask for proper pay. If you did a good job with my child and you know you did your best don’t hesitate to mention to us about payment. If we forget to give you the dollars you deserve, just tell us, we are normally too busy with our children to notice.

If we are a returning customer, we would appreciate it if you would give us a discount… it makes you look professional and we would be more likely to recommend you to our friends.

Babysitter Fun Facts: 

  1. Average pay for a sitter is $10 for one kid
  2. But now it’s actually more common for you to get more money for fewer kids
  3. $8 is considered high for a thirteen-year-old babysitter\
  4. Too bad I don’t live in San Fransico because the average pay there is $16 an hour!!

I’d love to hear about your babysitting stories so please contact me and tell them. I may feature them in the next babysitting post! Please follow us on social media and tell your friends!

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