Don’t Let the Rain stop B4 you…

It has been raining a lot this summer where I live… which makes summer REALLY boring at times. I have to tell you that dancing in the rain is one of the MOST fun things ever! My sister and I did that a couple minutes ago and it was so awesome! The quote that inspired me was, ” Don’t wait for the storm to pass… Dance in the rain!” But if it’s Thundering and Lightning than it’s not a good idea to go outside, so here are some ideas of what to do when you are stuck inside (try to stay away from the TV):

  1. Read a book. I know it sounds so boring but it takes up time and can whisk you off into your world. ( Which personally is my favorite)
  2. Exercise. I know sometimes it feels as though all you want to do is sit on the couch, but some workouts can be fun… I love Bethany Hamilton workouts (You can find them in her book, Body, and Soul.) Or Turn up the Music and express yourself! Dance! P90X is a workout that my parents do which is totally weird when people are watching you… so do it alone 🙂
  3. Make gifts. Make gifts for friends or family and sneak them into their bag or someplace where they will find it. Make it anonymously and keep them wondering who gave it to them!
  4. Set up a tent. Make a tent/ hangout area for yourself. Since its raining… No rush. Make it awesome! Tent building can be done anywhere… staircases, under tables and chairs, or in a tiny room. Use blankets, pillows, rope, tape, and whatever you need to make an awesome hangout space.
  5. Bake or Cook. Food is yummy and can be experimented with too. Have fun and make a mess. Just make sure you clean up after!

Use your imagination! And if you’re just so bored, take a nap. Or you can contact us! We would love to hear from you! Give us suggestions or comments or questions! Tell your friends about the website! See you in a few days 🙂

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