Easy Travel Hacks

We know all of you guys travel so much during the summertime, but packing can be such a hassle, and then when you get out of the car or off the plane, everything is squashed! So here are some tips to save you from boredom and stress.

  1. Roll outfits! Take the outfits that you will wear on your trip. Grab a shirt, bottoms, and undergarments and roll them up! Then take all your outfits and push them together. This really saves space for your candy and saves time as well.
  2. Waterproof Electronics! Take a plastic bag and put your phone, tablet and other touch-screen items in a plastic bag. This keeps the water away and the touch screen will still work. But remember, don’t keep your nose in your phone or tablet all the time. Remember to have fun with your family and friends.
  3. Untangled jewelry! I totally understand how it feels to get necklaces tangled together! They easily can become ruined too. So when you pack, lay plastic wrap down and put all your jewelry on it but NOT on top of each other. Then put another piece of plastic on top and roll gently… then place in the suitcase. You can put them in a jewelry box, but that takes up a lot of space.
  4. Smashed Shoes and Lost Socks. Take your shoes and a pair of socks and stuff them into the shoes. This way, your shoes won’t get squashed and you won’t lose any socks. Just make sure to try and wash your socks if you can. This way, all of your hard work making sure your shoes didn’t get squashed on the way there, won’t be completely ruined!


This is all guys! So use some of our handy-dandy travel hacks, and you’ll be the most organized person on the plane!

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