Summer FUN 101

Hey Girls! Summer is so close I can taste it, watermelon, ice-cold lemonade, and tons of pool fun. I know I always have problems with finding stuff to do; so below are some ideas of what to do. Some are free and others cost money:

  1. Camp Woodlands (Georgia) An awesome camp! Only one week still open.
  2. Volunteering: During the summer, so many places need people willing to make a difference and work for free. Like: Dog shelters, Vacation Bible School, Food pantries, Nursing Homes, Veterinarians, and your church.
  3. Cooking classes/camp: Many grocery stores/kitchen suppliers do camps/classes for teens. Sur la table, Whole foods, and Pub-lix do. Some are for a week- a couple days, and last from 2-4 hours. As girls cooking is an important thing to learn and its really fun to show everyone how good you are at it.
  4. Get/Train your pet. Maybe this summer is the time to convince your parents to get a pet? I convinced my mom to get a Hamster. Rodents/Fish are easier to take care of and are a good way to prove your parents you are ready for a bigger pet. If you have a pet, train it more. Dogs can always learn better manners and if they are good enough teach them agility. Cats can learn not to bit or claw you or escape the house. Hamsters/Bunnies/Rodents can be taught voice commands or jumping over/ going through something.
  5.  Everyone loves a good party! I wish people would do more parties. It helps you stay in-touch with all your friends over the summer, so when school comes again its not so awkward. Sleepover Parties are fun but not everyone is allowed too. So do something like a Garden Party, Pool party, Jedi-Training party, movie party, campfire party and I recommend late night because its an excuse to stay up late.
  6. Read books. I know, I know it sounds boring. But not if you have a good book! Some of my faves are The Lily series by Nancy Rue, any book by Faithgirlz, the cupcake diaries, and Thea Stilton.
  7. Get involved in a sport! You may already be in a sport but many places do camps for sports. I’ve seen Mini-Cheer camp, Karate camp, Horseback riding camp/lessons, and all the other sports you can think of. (Horse riding is my fav.)
  8. Create a blog. Be like me! Make a blog. Many website starters will give you the blog part for free. I recommend, WordPress, or Blog spot. is my favorite.
  9. Create a YouTube channel. I have one. Its not high quality yet but it will be. If you are allowed to show your face online, this is a fun option. Make DIY videos, cooking recipe ideas, videos inspired by holidays, vlogs, and fun games/challenges.
  10. Subscribe to a magazine subscription. Its a fun way to get something fun in the mail once a month. I love Brio by Focus on the Family, Girlz life, National Geographic Kids, and some cooking magazines.
  11. Find a pen pal. Many programs have a place where you can sign up for a pen pal. The whole point of a pen pal is to not know each other than become such good friends and maybe one day meet. No emailing!!!! Its supposed to be technology free.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      HOPE YOU ENJOYED!   TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!

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