Play Your Music!!!

I think most of us love music. It makes us happy and gives us the jittery feeling of wanting to dance. So whenever you feel down, a good idea would be to listen to music. I asked my friends their favorite songs and here were the top choices. Here is a list of songs that will make you feel good and cheer you up!

  • Slumber Party, Girls rule the World, and Get Away: by Haschak Sisters
  • Scars to your Beautiful by Allessia Cara
  • Blue Skies and California Dremin’ By MattyB
  • Headphones, Glow, and Gold by Britt Nicole
  • What a girl is by Dove Cameron
  • Prove it and Run Devil Run by Crowder
  • All of Toby Mac
  • Not Backing Down by Blanca
  • Can’t Quit by Capital Kings
  • Shake it off by Taylor Swift
  • Worth it by Fifth Harmony



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